Who says that orgonites can't be functional? Add a little something to your home with these bowl and plate sets. They can be used in a variety of ways. Why not charge up what your eating and drinking? Use the bowl as a tea cup for some water or juice. The plate can have anything placed in it! Using it in this way is comparable to placing crystals in your drinking water for charged water except you have a bowl/cup instead! I would hand wash these if you decide to use them as such and DO NOT MICROWAVE. Another use is for candles! The plate is good for tea lights and wider candles while the bowl is good for chime or tapered candles. Also let me say be careful of the flame, YOU CAN BURN ORGONITES. Add extra energy to what ever mood you want to create or for what ever intentions you need. One more good way to use them can be for holding things that need to be charged like crystals, jewelry and things like that. To top if off the plate can be placed over the bowl as a lid or to just elevate what it is you would like in the plate. If you collect more than one set, you can break these out of the cabinet for specail occasions with friends and family to drink and eat from. They are stylish and can accent the theme of any home, placed on talbles, glass cabinets, altars, coffee tables etc... All you have to do is choose the crystal or intention! If the crystal or intention is not listed, please email. More than likely it will be available!

Small Bowl and Plate Orgonite Set

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