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Intricate Creations 

Intricate Creations started put out in 2011, producing only loc and hair pieces. It evolved to specializing in wire wrapped jewelry later in the year. A year later, in 2012, crystals and gemstones were included. With this incorporation, Intricate Creations based their creations for healing, personal style expression and wearable art. Intricate Creations branched out, in March of  2016, and incorporated aromatherapy, with essential oils, into their line of beauty and healing products. The bath and beauty branch is called Intricate Creations Naturals (IC Naturals). IC Naturals includes homemade and all natural bath bombs, whipped body butter, shower jellys, sugar scrubs, bar soap, lips balm and beard balms.

Intricate Creations mission to is help bring healing, customized wearable art for our clients. With each gemstone encrusted pieces, it allows the wearer to show off their unique style, from fine and classy to big and bold. In addition to wearable art, we also want to have beautiful, functional centerpieces that can change the ambiance and energy of the space it is occupying.

IC Naturals' mission is to induce healing, mellow and soothing moods through the use of natural ingredients and essential oils, in a variety of bath and body products. These products are customizable to men, women and children as well as some products can be made to include crystals in the product.

At the end of 2017 Intricate Creations decided to expand again! This time using resin to create art on canvas, tables, countertops and eventually floors! Of course the art also gave the option of having crystals in it. This is to keep true to making sure the art gives off amazing energy as well.

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