Our 7 Day Ancestor candles are made especially to honor the family that has passed on and ascended. The sigil on this candle carries the energy of calling forth and honoring the ancestors of benevolence and sovereignty. This candle facilitates communication, connection, love, offering and respect to the Ancestors. This is great for spaces dedicated to to those that have passed on and ascended. These candles are handpoured with coconut oil, beeswax and soy. Ancestor oil is incorporated into the wax. The top dressing is a mixture Mugwort, Lapis Lazuli crystal, Rosemary, Lavender, Prehnite crystal and some other herbs and crystals. All candles are charged before being shipped. You also have the choice of getting sets of 2 at a time, which are discounted. Give your Ancestors a beautiful candle offering!


When choosing yout candle quantity, choose one. The amount deals with if you want to get more than one candle and get the discount as well.


Warning: Please do not leave candles unattended. If leaving unatteneded or going out place in a sink/tub/bin of water, for fire safety purposes. It is truly better to snuff out candles before leaving out of the house.

Ancestor Candle-7 Day

  • All sales are final. Exchange or credit only, no refunds. If your return is approved, you will receive a credit or exchange. (Whichever one was agreed upon). Exchanges will take 2-4 wks, which is the normal turnaround for our products.

  • For most items, shipping will be between $5-$18 but depending on how far the location is and/or the weight of the package this can change. If you would like a rush shipping or priority 2-4 day shipping that will be $7-$20 (depending on weight) Because ALL items are handmade to order, shipments can take 2-4 weeks to make or ship. For any items that are approved to be returned for an exchange or credit, it is the responsibility of the client, to pay for shipping and insure their packages. The shipping costs are nonrefundable.


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DISCLAIMER: Please note that everything on here is handmade to order. With that in mind, please allow 2-4 weeks for products to be made and shipped. This all depends on the size of your order and the orders ahead of you. Thank you in advance!!

Please be aware of the ingredients of each item in regards to allergic reactions.

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