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So! Fellas! Do you need something custom to your skin and beard hair needs? Need a little shine and luster to your beard? Maybe it's a bit rough and you need to soften it up? Oh i got it, the skin under the hair is sensitive and gets inflammed after trimming or shaping up? Well I have something custom for you! Our beard balms are made custom to you and what ever you need it for! Base ingredients include: Beeswax, Vit E oil, coco butter, shea butter, carrier oils and essential oils. Of course you can add aloe vera and/or Rose water to your balms easily just make sure you request it! (Good for helping with razor bumps, inflammation, dryness, brittle hairs, sensitvity after a shave, scent and shine.) Makes a great combination with  our Beard oil and Beard shampoo. Takes your beard from "Meh" to "Ohhhh!!" Click here to see a full list of scents offered. You can write the scent you prefer, in the notes section, if you don't see them in the drop down.

Beard Balms

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