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Want to enhance your elevation sessions? Love having the sessions but hate the smell left on your fingers? Why not a crystal encrusted Cigar Holder? These awesome pieces fit around the top part of your finger for a comfortable fit. You can adjust how tight or loose the holder holds on. Each piece eminates its own beautiful energy along with sporting energetic crystals. You have the options of a short or long holder and whether your finger is small, medium or large. You will be given a choice to pick two crystals for the short holders and 3-4 crystals for the long holders.


Please remember adding expensive crystals like sugilite, malchite, moldavite and shungite ( to name a few) will encur additional charges for the piece.  Unless you click on shungite or Moldavite for your piece, an extra invoice will be send before order can be started.

Blunt Holder

  • For most items, shipping will be between $5-$50 but depending on how far the location is and/or the weight of the package this can change. Because ALL items are handmade to order, shipments can take 2-4 weeks to make or ship. For any items that are approved to be returned for an exchange or credit, it is the responsibility of the client, to pay for shipping and insure their packages. The shipping costs are nonrefundable.

  • All sales are final. Exchange or credit only, no refunds. If your return is approved, you will receive a credit or exchange. (Whichever one was agreed upon). Exchanges will take 2-4 wks, which is the normal turnaround for our products.

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