The eye of Horus is the ancient Egyptian or Kemetic symbol for royal power, good health and protection. It is similar to the eye of Ra which falls under the same culture but a different God. They do represent some of the same things. It was said to protect the pharaohs in the afterlife and ward off evil. The eye of Horus brings wisdom to the wearer as well. It promotes love of knowledge and growth. Depending on what the intentions you want your Orgonite to have, will depend on what ingredients will be set into the resin. All Orgonites will include clear quartz and some form of metal. All orgonite pieces are charged and cleansed before shipping. 

Eye of Horus Orgone

Wire Wrapping
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DISCLAIMER: Please note that everything on here is handmade to order. With that in mind, please allow 2-4 weeks for products to be made and shipped. This all depends on the size of your order and the orders ahead of you. Thank you in advance!!

Please be aware of the ingredients of each item in regards to allergic reactions.

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