The symbol Tree of Life represents the connection of family and nature. It expands generations, represents fertility and vitality. It expresses individuality, immortality, rebirth and peace. It keeps you rooted in the love of your ancestors as well as the love of genuine friends. It assists in your growth as a person.


This medallion can be made in three different ways:

*Pendant- wire wrapped into a Pendant

*Bracelet- wire wrapped into an adjustable Bracelet Cuff

*Necklace- wire wrapped into a pendant and a necklace is added in as well.


If there is a crystal that you would like incorporated, please add that crystal in the notes. If it is more expensive to get this crystal, an email will be sent and the difference given. The best will be done to incorporate that/those crystals. All pieces are charged and programmed before being shipped to their new home.

Tree of Life Orgone Medallion