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The Yin-Yang symbol represents the balance of light and dark, feminine and masculine energy. It shows that without darkness there is not light and without light there is no darkness. It says that one cannot live without the other. Yin, the dark area of this symbol is the feminine aspect. It is earthy, deals with the journey itself, absorption of information, docility and submissiveness. Yang, the light area of the symbol is known as the masculine aspect. Dealing with heavenliness, brightness, movement, perception and insight. It promotes balance, harmony, duality, unbiased perceptions and consideration. 


This medallion can be made in three different ways:

*Pendant- wire wrapped into a Pendant

*Bracelet- wire wrapped into an adjustable Bracelet Cuff

*Necklace- wire wrapped into a pendant and a necklace is added in as well.


If there is a crystal that you would like incorporated, please add that crystal in the notes. If it is more expensive to get this crystal, an email will be sent and the difference given. The best will be done to incorporate that/those crystals. All pieces are charged and programmed before being shipped to their new home.

Ying Yang Orgone Medallion