Resin Art

Resin art encompasses different types of art that is made with resin. You will find pre-made custom paintings ready for purchase and you can also commission a custom piece with the dynamics that you want and desire! Pieces will be done on wood, canvas and other types of media. Since all pieces are custom, they are once of a kind and cannot be duplicated. Acquire your powerful piece!


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Solar Flare
Resin on canvas
Solar Flare
Purple Frequencies
Resin on Wood
Bold Flare
Bold Flare close up
Stormy Seas
Stormy Seas 2
Orgonite Nebula
Resin/Orgonite on canvas. Has Amethyst and copper in it.
Orgonite Nebula 2
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Resin Furniture

Purple Galaxy Refurbished Table 1
Purple Galaxy Refurbished Table 2
Purple Galaxy Refurbished Table 3
Oceans From Above 1
Oceans From Above 2
Oceans From Above 3
Oceans From Above 4
Oceans From Above 5
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DISCLAIMER: Please note that everything on here is handmade to order. With that in mind, please allow 2-4 weeks for products to be made and shipped. This all depends on the size of your order and the orders ahead of you. Thank you in advance!!

Please be aware of the ingredients of each item in regards to allergic reactions.

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