Ephervescent Vibes was created as a sister company to Intricate Creations! It covers all services provided by Persia Red. All provided are done with positive, universal love and the purpose of elevating energy and vibrations.  It is about Renewing, Reenergizing and Revitalizing!

All services are catered to each client. Comfort and safety is paramount. Services cannot be rendered until full payment is made and any necessary documents are signed. For any questions or concerns, please email:

On this page, it shows Consultation Services. You have access to the other categories  under the Ephervesecent Vibes drop down. Consultation services are services where the client comes with questions about a specific or general topic. Advice, game plans, homework and blue prints are some of the things given to assist clients. Each and all consultations are private. All consultations are geared towards assisting clients in finding their way physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Consult types range from Pain Relief Management to Life Coaching!

Available Services