Ephervescent Vibes was created as a sister company to Intricate Creations! It covers all services provided by Persia Red. All provided are done with positive, universal love and the purpose of elevating energy and vibrations.  It is about Renewing, Reenergizing and Revitalizing!

All services are catered to each client. Comfort and safety is paramount. Services cannot be rendered until full payment is made and any necessary documents are signed. For any questions or concerns, please email: EphervescentVibes@gmail.comThere are three categories of services that Ephervescent Vibes provides. Those categories are: Readings, Therapies and Consultations.

Our Reading services encompasses Mediumship and Intuitive gifts. If offers our clients with the ability to, not only, connect with their Ancestors and passed on loved ones; It also allow clients to have a blue print to the direction of different areas of their life. In addition, messages from guides, guardians and spirit are also communicated. 

Reading Services